John Rocco Sales proudly represents Clad Rex, Inc., a leading manufacturer of vinyl clad metal and pre-painted steel and aluminum coils, sheets and blanks.

For over 50 years, Clad Rex has been leading the metal coatings industry in variety, quality, reliability and value. Clad Rex finishes offer decorative and functional benefits making them the ideal source for vinyl clad (vinyl laminated and vinyl clad are synonymous), prepainted and other coated metals.

Clad Rex can furnish a virtually infinite array of solid colors, woods, textures, leather grains, stones and metallics or emboss logos or pictures to create a customized look. Finishes are user friendly and ecologically friendly as their metals and laminates use recycled content and/or are recyclable.


Superior Product Finish & Performance


Marine Interiors

For applications like interior walls and ceilings, living quarters, and pilot houses, Clad Rex’s vinyl clad metal has the added benefit of being sound and vibration dampening. USCG approved, Clad Rex interior vinyl metal cladding is ideal for decorative, interior use in the manufacturing of yachts, commercial and cruise ships, U.S. Coast Guard and naval ships and oil rig living quarters.


Medical Equipment

Vinyl clad metal does not absorb blood or other fluids, and is impervious to repeated cleaning with harsh chemicals. Clad Rex vinyl clad metal is easily formed into most desired configurations for use on the high wear portions of medical equipment. Well suited for medication cabinets and carts, storage units, acute care carts, crash carts and high wear sections of medical products.


Retail Displays & Signage

Hundreds of decorative options for unique POP and retail displays. Printable for graphics and signage. Great durability to withstand scuffs and scrapes from shopping carts, wheel chairs, and strollers. Maintains its appearance: It won’t fade or show finger prints, and is moisture resistant. Perfect for merchandise displays, shelving, checkout counters, partitions and more.

Video: Industries & Applications

Clad Rex vinyl clad metal products have many applications in a large variety of industries, from appliances and medical equipment to retail and marine interiors.

Clad Rex decorative vinyl clad metal is ideal for applications in high traffic areas such as retail and restaurants. Easy to clean, durable and flexible.

  • Appliances

  • Automotive Applications

  • Electronics

  • Food Service Industry

  • Furniture

  • HVAC

  • Marine & Oil Platforms

  • Military

  • Millwork & Moulding

  • Medical Equipment

  • Refrigeration

  • Store Fixtures


New Capabilities - Union Tool PUR hot melt glue laminating system

Clad Rex recently added a Union Tool PUR (polyurethane resin) hot melt glue laminating system to its product offerings mix.

This new processing line provides Clad Rex the ability to laminate decorative 2D and 3D vinyl films, papers, foils, and high-pressure laminates to nearly any substrate. The PUR system is capable of laminating to wood and plastic sheet substrates, honeycomb and other composite panels, in addition to metal sheet substrates. The processing line will allow sheet sizes up to 60″x 144″.


Why use Clad Rex Vinyl Laminated Metal for your next project?


Thousands of finishes available, including Woodgrains, Natural Stones, Leathers, Metallics, Patterns, and Colors.


6 – 12 mil films when applied to metal substrates are dent, scratch, and scuff resistant, moisture proof, flame retardant, and easily cleaned.


Laminated sheets can be fabricated by shearing, turret punching, waterjet cutting, press braking, hemming, louvering, etc.


Clad Rex vinyl laminated metal contains recycled content and is recyclable after use.


Supply Stability

Clad Rex carries a substantial inventory of prime quality steel and aluminum. Cost-effectiveness and supply stability are reinforced through decades-long relationships with qualified steel, aluminum, vinyl, paint, and other suppliers. Clad Rex are masters in producing steel and aluminum sheet blanks, including small sizes and tight dimensional tolerances. Whether you have a large or small project, Clad Rex is your ideal alternative solution to painted metal when both product finish and performance are critical.

Additional Information & Project Quotes

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