Geolam: A Superior Wood Alternative

Loss of our forests contributes between 12-17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the World Resources Institute. It is estimated that the current rate of deforestation is equal in size to the loss of 20 football fields every minute. Exotic woods, such as ebony and rosewood, are now endangered due to unsustainable logging practices. While the number of new tree plantations is increasing, their totals represent only a small fraction of the planet’s forested land.

As well as wreaking havoc on our forests, the widespread use of wood as a building material has serious drawbacks. Ultraviolet rays degrade the integrity of the wood; moisture and humidity cause warping and disintegration. Maintaining wood requires additional chemical treatments over time, which adds to its overall expense.

Sustainable Wood Alternative

Used by Japanese architects for more than 20 years, and in Europe for more than five,  Geolam® patented wood composite technologies have been developed to create the look & feel of exotic woods. When Geolam’s performance was compared with natural hardwoods, it was found to have the lowest carbon footprint.[1] Geolam’s technology does not involve the destruction of forests, and consists of a minimum of 90% recycled materials. The products themselves are 100% recyclable.

Decades of research and development explain why, today, Geolam is a world leader in the wood composite materials sector. These advancements allow architects to utilize materials that are luxurious while still in harmony with nature. Geolam recently became available to the North American and Canadian markets in 2012. Over 150 new installations have in made in North America and it's growing everyday.

Sophisticated Elegance

Numerous luxury hotels across Europe & Asia have embraced this new technology. From the Intercontinental Hotel in Japan & Dubai to the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney, Australia, these hotels have incorporated Geolam wood composite profiles instead of natural wood. Winner of prestigious awards for eco-tourism and sustainability, The Brando Luxury Resort in French Polynesia also choose Geolam for it’s environmentally friendliness, quality & durability. If you are unable to visit The Brando, click here to view this beautiful Geolam promotional video, showcasing the pontoons, decking and walkways on the Island of Tetiaroa.

Exceptional Qualities

The technological qualities of Geolam products are impressive, and more often than not, superior to natural wood. It’s decking profiles are perfect for all kinds of weather conditions. Safe and completely free of toxins, the decking remains comfortable to walk on during hot sun-filled days and retains excellent slip-resistance when wet. The profile’s durability, wood-like aesthetics, high stability and light weight ensure they can meet the most demanding of climates.

Independent test results among top competitors proved Geolam to be superior by impressive margins in strength, slip-resistance, moisture resistance & more. Click here to view the full comparison test results report. [PDF format, 2MB]

From decking, cladding, façades and trim to marinas, walkways and garden terraces, Geolam applications are as broad as your imagination. With decades of proven performance in Asia, Geolam has an outstanding track record for durability, versatility, aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility.

Now the durable, eco-friendly brilliance of Geolam has become available in North America. We look forward to the success of this eco-friendly material as awareness and demand increases for sustainable building product materials.

Seeing is Believing

Are you interested in receiving samples of Geolam? Please contact our office or fill out our contact form with your request and we will be happy to send them.


[1] Japanese Wood Plastic Industry Committee, February 2008