Architect Vision: Moments of Inspiration

The birth of an idea. What is it? Do we even know? For me, ideas derive from moments of feeling free. Now let us have a moment:

Stop wherever you are. Close your eyes. Breathe…... Clear your mind…. Now go……

Turn on your Architect Vision.

Imagine you just took a 360° Google Street View snapshot of your present surroundings. Look around at that picture. What do you see? How do you feel? Everything you see was created by someone. Inspiration took place, an idea was born. Nothing was made into all you see in front of you.

Now look again at your surroundings. Find a detail that you didn’t notice the first time. Look harder. Be the eagle scanning the surroundings and the scientist using the microscope. Did you notice the texture of that one object? How about that shape or color? What would you change? What could be better? Where are the problems? Do you know the solutions? Good, your Architect Vision is getting stronger.

We live in a world today that is so fast paced, we sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the little things that are around us. We rarely take the time to think about what actually had to happen for all these little details to exist that make our world great. Within the details are the opportunities. The person with with Architect Vision sees the opportunities and takes action to create.

Remember, behind every little detail that you pointed out in your snapshot are people. People that stood there in front the blank slate and had vision. A light bulb went on where they had the inspiration to paint the picture in their mind to create, to build.

What if we lived in a world where we wore Architect Vision all the time, where you could see the creator behind everything you see? What if you knew the story behind what inspired them? Would you appreciate it more? Let it inspire you. Imagine you were in their shoes. How did they feel? What do you think their moment was like when the light bulb went on?

For me Architect Vision is a mindset meant to slow down the pace and appreciate my world in the moment. Everyone’s world is different. Yours is different than mine but at the same time we all share the same unique world. We all have the power to be the Architect. A blank canvas with vision is the recipe. The goal is to sift through all the noise and take all the ingredients you have acquired in life to build whatever it is you want create.

Once the light bulb is on the vision is revealed. When vision is clear you hold purpose. A person with purpose is hard to stop. When you have true purpose that you believe with every inch of your soul nothing gets in the way of achieving the goal. Of course there are obstacles that get in the way. Purpose pushes us through.

John Rocco Sales’ purpose is to help build a better world today. Let us all work together as a society to see the opportunities to grow. Everyone is an Architect in their own way. Turn on your Architect Vision. Have your moments. Share the beauty that is in your mind and create. There is a story that exists between a blank canvas and an Architect. The beauty of our world is every story is different. What is yours? #ArchitectVision

Jameson Roberts
Business Development Manager
John Rocco Sales