Parasoleil has developed a unique line of architectural metal panels to filter and sculpt light that are not only engineered to withstand the elements, but are profoundly artistic. They can be used to shade special architectural places and offer patterned nuance to structural detail or create visual breaks, barriers, and privacy.

Filter intense sunlight while allowing air flow circulation with this line of open pattern aluminum and copper panels, cut-out with designs to bridge architecture with nature.  All-weather shade products create an interesting and inviting space as the shadows move with the sun.  Durable finishes, sustainable materials, and versatile patterns are reliable tools to design places where people want to be.

Elegant, functional, and timeless applications for any setting.



Parasoleil panels used overhead create shade with air circulation, bridge architecture with nature and create interactive shadows that change over the day.


Parasoleil panels used for screening enhance architectural articulation, hide private or unsafe areas, and create inviting spaces where people want to be.


Parasoleil panels used as railing inserts help define pedestrian spaces and provide an unmatched artistic element.


Parasoleil panels used for decorative cladding redefine spaces, give patterns to camouflage, reduce heat-gain, and enhance design branding.

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